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On July 10, 2020
Social Media Design Services in Chennai

As today every business needs to find more prospectuses to build their potential client list, in order to sustain in market one must engage with the existing customers and target audience in a timely manner and thus you need a creative graphic designing agency and social media marketing company to build a network of loyal customers.

Check these creative design visuals and content marketing strategy how it benefitted the client in the marketing and communication arena.

Our Social media graphic design service can offer you the following,

  1. Low cost per lead campaigns
  2. Rank Top of the competition
  3. Engaging online presence
  4. Creative DESIGN support

Need for Social Media Design:

Mama Net is a next-generation educational app that is targeted at expectant mothers, and those with newborn infants and children. The company has built a holistic multi-dimensional app, which leverages artificial intelligence to seamlessly educate and enable mothers to be the best (while providing strong network access to mothers, families, and communities).

Process of Social Media Marketing:

At EFFE Marketing, we follow “Be visible. Be digitally unique”

A well planned strategy on right time can provide you with effortless success to the marketing campaigns

  1. Research
  2. Marketing- Annual Calendar
  3. Concept and Design
  4. Showcase
  5. Content Writing
  6. Campaign Management

Troubleshoot Area: Planning 365 content and visuals without repeating the thought process was challenging and finally we created Unique Designs for 365 days


OVERVIEW OF YOUR BUSINESS AND BRAND, once you describe your core business, it’s all about understanding the relationship between the customer and the product, today the digital marketing tools help in understanding the customers need and online search behavior. Using digital analytical tools and forecast from big data, we arrive upon the marketing plan and execution. In a very much technical language we find the following,

Research will cover up the below details,

  1. Finding the Best Target location
  2. Finding competitors and their pricing structure
  3. Product keywords, buyer keywords with volume
  4. Finding the best and suitable medium for promotional activity
  5. Identifying the affiliate partners and channels
  6. Identify Influencers, experts and industry leaders for endorsement

Calendar Planning

What goals would you like to achieve as an organization over the next 6 months and 12 months? Considering this Annual Calendar is prepared, it also includes the important days, National Holidays, Trending Topics, Top Searched Keywords and audience interest. Marketing and communication is well planned in advance at EFFE Marketing keep all your marketing collaterals like design, content, posting date and time ready. Entire Annual Plan or Calendar for content and design is made ready within 45days from the date of campaign signup. The creative are designed based on media

planning submitted by research team

Calendar Planning for Social Media Design Services

Concept and Design


Concept and Design for Social Media Marketing

Content Writing for Social Media Design

We had covered the 365 days of content and design ready to be posted. To make every posting unique and engaging we wrote slogans, Captions, CTA (Call to action) content and tagged along the trends and social influencers.

Content writing for Social Media Marketing

Campaign Management

Team of digital marketers work to manage your daily, weekly postings along with paid campaigns as per the Annual Calendar prepared. 

Social Media Campaign Management

Social Media Campaign Management

Our Strength

In-house production facility includes expert content writers, concept artist, creative director and other supporting members. Our research and marketing experts clearly guide us on the medium and Medias we have already planned.

Result of Social Media Marketing

Affordable marketing service with effortless marketing campaigns all integrated with AI support. Sure shot winning strategy in marketing to acquire new customers, interactive loyalty program to build brand reputation and loyal brand audience.


EFFE Marketing can increase your profits and influence your target audience to outrank your competition with Business Advertising Strategies. EFFE Marketing being one among marketing analytics companies dedicatedly working on business advertising and marketing products online. We have 10 years of expertise in Digital Marketing and website design. You need not run behind video ad agency since we have in house capability for animation videos and graphic designs

Our creativity in content and marketing experience has made us the best social media ad agency in producing graphical content which converts into revenue for the business. We devise marketing strategies and provide comprehensive services, through our young, oriented, creative team.

Partner with us for Growth.


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