Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies – Pristino Pure – Bio Septic Tank Treatment Powder

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On December 5, 2019

Without proficiently indulging in Digital Marketing, a business can hardly find some way to perform even its basic operations. Digital marketing facilitates the companies not only to expand easily by allowing them to achieve a world audience and compete with established brands by rendering their services globally but also by facilitating the simple sharing of proposals with the clients by just a click. It facilitates the operations and growth of the business by allowing marketers to grasp customer behaviors.

Pristino Pure is a Septic tank cleaning powder made up of bio enzymes helps the customer to get hygienic toilet along with a clean septic tank. It is environmental friendly consumer goods in home cleaning segment.

We, EFFE Marketing devised research on the new product by understanding the necessity in the market of bio/organic cleaning and environmentally friendly product. First, we named the product as Pristino Pure by understanding the utility of the product to the customer. The name Pristino means Pure. We created a brand logo, custom package designing and marketing collaterals too.

Need for Digital marketing for FMCG Companies

By complementing traditional campaigns with digital options FMCG marketers have a plethora of opportunities to increase the reach of promoting activity. A brand website, social media channels and email marketing provide the chance to engage with consumers that were previously unattainable.

For brands to urge earlier than their competition and remain relevant, selling at a competitive price isn’t a sustainable strategy. Their approach has to deliver a memorable Omni-channel experience. Therefore, organizations must convert the hearts and minds of their audience, evoking positive emotions at every touchpoint.

Process for Digital marketing for FMCG Companies

We did the research for Pristino pure in the four perspectives such as septic tank cleaning, toilet cleaning, bio cleaning and wastewater treatment.

Trouble Shoot Area:

  1. New Product in the market
  2. Multi dimension marketing plan to achieve sales goal

Digital Marketing FMCG Companies - Research Report by EFFE

Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Google video ad campaign

Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies-Google Shopping Ads Campaign

Result of Integrated Marketing Services

We ensure the spending budget is result driven. Pristino’s digital marketing with our innovative integrated marketing i.e. branding and advertising reached a lot of audiences and helped to achieve the sales goal.


Digital Marketing for FMCG Companies -Optimization and report


EFFE Marketing can increase your profits and influence your target audience to outrank your competition with Business Advertising Strategies. EFFE Marketing being one among marketing analytics companies dedicatedly working on business advertising and marketing products online. We have 10 years of expertise in Digital Marketing and website design. You need not run behind video ad agency since we have in house capability for animation videos and graphic designs

Our creativity in content and marketing experience has made us the best social media ad agency in producing graphical content which converts into revenue for the business. We devise marketing strategies and provide comprehensive services, through our young, oriented, creative team.

Partner with us for Growth.

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