Animated Business Video for Zoho Creator

Written by effeindia

On May 8, 2021
Animated Business Video

A business explainer video assists the audience to understand the products with an exceptional visual experience.  The explainer animated business video easily demonstrates the process that helps the company to reach the customers easily.

ZOHO Creator, our most powerful application, was launched in March 2006. Today, we have close to one million apps built using this custom application builder. ZOHO Corporation became the umbrella company of three different divisions that cater to three different markets. Our 2D animated explainer video explains the benefits of legacy modernization, with minimal coding experience.

Process of Animated Business Video


Scripting & Storyboard

Our creative team worked on a storyboard based on the script given by the client. Keeping in the target audience, our work has been designed primarily in such a way to engage the customers.


2D Character Designing

Our character designers create the natural look of individual characters as per the requirement.


Animation and Preview Video

We submit the preview video with all marketing content needs to the clients for final approval.


Editing & Final HD

In the editing stage, our team adds sounds and visual effects for high-quality business explainer videos.


Our Strength

We have a multi-dimension marketing plan through our business strategy to achieve awareness among the target audiences. We provide quality content marketing-based business explainer videos to understand the need of the customer. Our creative team produces the animated explainer video for the business with better aesthetics for the story-telling experience.


Our team delivered the video within 20 days. This business explainer video mainly focuses on promoting their brand with their cost-effective services. Our graphic designers and 2D artist provides the best assets which are very relevant to the concept and improves their sales lead generation.



EFFE Marketing, Digital Marketing Company can increase your profits and influence your target audience to outrank your competition with latest Business Advertising Strategies. EFFE Marketing being one of the marketing analytics companies dedicatedly working on business advertising and marketing products online.

We have 10 years of expertise in Digital Marketing and website design. You need not run behind a video ad agency since we have in-house capability for animation videos and graphic designs. Our creativity in content and marketing experience has made us the best social media ad agency in producing graphical content which converts into revenue for the business.

We devise marketing strategies and provide comprehensive services through our young, oriented, creative team.

Partner with us for Growth.”

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